4 Candied Apples with Lemon, Chamoy and a Side of Salted Gummies

$ 25.00

4 Candied Apples in Chamoy
garnished with fresh lemon and chili salt.
Comes with a side of homemade Chamoy & salted gummy bears.
  • (4) Whole Candied Apples
  • (1) 4 oz Homemade Chamoy 
  • (1) 4oz Deluxe Salted Gummy Bears 
  • (1) Lemon & Lucas Salt Pack

All Chamoy City Limits products are made in small batches from fresh whole fruits. We process and can our jars to the highest standards of safety. Shelf life is 18 months from the date on the lid. Please refrigerate After Opening and use within 3 weeks for best taste!